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It is hard to see what else to call it. The rUK (rest of the UK)
abbreviation was a temporary shorthand during the referendum debate.
Some people might satirically call it Little Britain.What sort of country would the rump UK be?England’s relative size would jump from 84 per cent of the UK population to 92 per cent.Would Wales be the next to go?Certainly
not for a long time.

Only 12 per cent of Welsh voters support
independence for Wales, with 74 per cent against (YouGov in April). If
there were a referendum in 2017 and the UK voted to leave the EU,
attitudes might change.Professor Richard Wyn Jones  of Cardiff
University’s Welsh Governance Centre says: “The United Kingdom is not a
‘sharing union’. It is rather a realpolitik union. Those with the
loudest voice and a credible threat of secession get to have most
influence on how resources are allocated.”
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Editorial: Yes or No, relationships will change
Wood, the Plaid Cymru leader, said in 2012: “You get a combination of
England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Now, is that a country? Well, no,
it’s definitely not a country. Is it a state? It’s so imbalanced that
you couldn’t make it up if you were starting from scratch. All that
calls into question a huge number of issues about the future of what
might be left, post-2014.”

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