Africa Redefined: How Dr. Kingsley Fletcher Is Leading a Continental Revival | Ernest Owens (
A large crowd assembles in Ghana. Not a voice interrupts as a familiar national figure graces the podium. As
he begins to debunk false hysterical myths about Africa, he also
introduces his next innovative plan to help return the continent to
global prominence. With a lifetime of international work that has
spanned over 30 years, Dr. Kingsley Fletcher believes that he has now
arrived at the pinnacle of properly executing his passions to reform
Africa for the better.

"Africa needs partnerships, not
handouts...and I know that we are very capable of doing the former,"
Fletcher says about returning the region back to a time when it did not
lean so heavily on international assistance. "Unlike many parts of the
world, Africa has been internally faced with a lot of health, social,
and financial setbacks that are not just attributed solely to our past
imperialism or colonialism - but poor current government leadership and a
lack of investment in innovation.

"For Fletcher, also known as
Drolor Bosso Adamtey I in his native homeland, his knowledge and
expertise in helping to eradicate many of the issues Africa faces came
from traveling abroad and learning of the endless possibilities. Growing
up in the greater region of Accra, Ghana from a family of prestigious
traditional leaders, a teenage Fletcher would first set off to travel,
study, and do international missionary work before eventually accepting
his royal responsibility. "I knew that the time would come when I would
ultimately become the Suapolor of my Se (Shai) Traditional Area, but I
first wanted to learn the world my nation and my people would be

"In the early 1980s, after studying in England and doing
missionary work in Africa, he would eventually head to the United States
where he would do faith dialogue in North Carolina. This would lead to
him founding Life International, a multicultural ministry that
represents over 60 nations. It would be during this time that he would
meet his wife and start a family that would eventually lead to raising
two now grown-up daughters.

"My family brings me great joy and
the key to keeping our balance between work and care is supporting each
other along the way," Fletcher says of his life lessons to keeping an
ambitious career and personal life maintained....

Connecting the world with Africa and global communities...

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