Growing a New Crop of “Agropreneurs” in Kenya | Feed the Future (
Despite rising unemployment among young adults in Kenya, many of the
country’s youth don’t think of farming as an attractive way to make
money. However, agriculture is the engine driving the Kenyan economy,
and expanding opportunities for young people is central to economic

Under the Feed the Future initiative, the U.S. Agency for
International Development (USAID) is changing young Kenyans’ perception
of agriculture through trainings on leadership, marketing and business
skills, helping them to see profit potential and motivating them to
engage in commercial crop production, value addition, processing and
nursery management.

David Rotich was an emerging businessman
struggling to earn income working in the service industry in Kericho
County, Kenya. He made just enough to get by and support his young
family, but his restaurant business required grueling hours.“I
had to be at the restaurant by 5:00am and would close at 11:00pm. It was
hectic and I had no time whatsoever with my family,” Rotich says....

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