Yummy: Dishing Out Nigerian food - Braised Oxtail in Red Wine Sauce and Mashed Yam (youtube.com)
Ndani TV collaborates with Chef Tolu Eros @Tolueros (Cooke Jar and Chef Ambassador of Miele) to bring you another episode of Dishing Out, where Chef Eros shows you how to prepare some of the best dishes out of Nigeria, sometimes re-mixed, all the time delicious. On today's episode, Chef Eros shows us how to make the "Braised Oxtail in Red Wine Sauce and Mashed Yam" with the help of his celebrity guest "Bizzle Oshikoya (@bizzle01).

Want to cook with Chef Eros? Recreate the meal in this video, take a picture, put it up and mention Ndanitv (@ndaniTV) and mention Chef Eros (@Tolueros) and you could win the chance to be our next guest assistant chef.

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