Employer Brand: McKinsey Around the World: Working in our Lagos Office (youtube.com)
"This is an amazingly dynamic place. What you see is entrepreneurialism about how to make things work."—Scott Desmarais, principal, McKinsey's Lagos office

With 170 million people, Nigeria is Africa's most populous country, and its economy is one of the world's fastest growing. Since 2002, McKinsey has played an active part in driving this growth and accelerating development.

Our team of highly qualified consultants, from Nigeria and around the world, helps government leaders reform key institutions, build skills, expand infrastructure, and shape the growth of major economic sectors. And we support business leaders on their top strategic issues—helping major Nigerian companies win as regional and global champions, and helping multinationals build high-impact African operations.

To get more of a sense of the people behind our Lagos office and learn more about McKinsey Careers in Nigeria, visit us on the McKinsey site: http://bit.ly/McKNigeria

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