KOJEY RADICAL "BAMBU" (youtube.com)
Directed by : The Rest, Kojey Radical & Craig Most Popular Human

http://www.pushcrayons.com | https://soundcloud.com/kojeyradical

BAMBU : NEVER WORRIED centres around ideas of perception; using contemporary dance and performance art to gesture the struggles of inner city decay and how that is translated and celebrated within music and urban culture combining the aesthetic of a modern fashion film with the stylised movement and grittiness of drill music and trap videos.

The film features garments from ADA + NIK , DIORALOP, Manuel Diaz, and was styled by Kojey Radical in conjunction with the "BAMBU PHOTOGRAPHED BY NXSH" fashion story.

Julie Olukitibi & Kojey Radical as Jackie Trades

Music by:
Kojey Radical
Produced by Lupus Cain

Make-Up by:
Umps Machaka & Mimi Quiquine

Production Assistant:
Jasper Sommer & Adeeb Razak

Special Thanks to:
Lemonade Money, Jeremy Cole, James Payne,
NXSH, Nana Bah-Gyamfi & Kwame Kwei Armah Jr.

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