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We'll Give You Up To 5000 Banner Display Page View Impressions of your App Screen Shot, with every Paid Post You Publish on Blackworld Community

You simply publish your app as content to be permanently discovered and shared through our global content community platform for €100. See our app category here: 

Then we will also help promote your app for free over our advertising network with a 300 x 600 sky scrapper app screen shot display of 5000 page view impressions. 

First, Go here: and click on the "Publish My Content" link at the top of the page and insert your App URL further down the page to have it published on Blackworld Community as permanent content. This means your app page on blackworld will continue to attract visits leading to potential downloads over a lifetime. 

We love this one! :

Apps are more likely to get discovered and downloaded frequently when they are seamlessly integrated with quality content. Take a look around our evolving ecosystem and see for yourself!

After receiving your payment, your app will first appear on our community platform for permanent consumer discovery and social media sharing. Then we will capture your app screenshot, linking it directly to your Google Play or iTunes URL and display it rotationally with other advertisers over our network of media & technology applications. This is the power of app marketing, branding and consumer discovery, leading to more potential click throughs and downloads. 

See app ad display examples here on our global search engine, just one of our several media and technology applications: 

All the above for only €100 (euros) . We doubt there is a marketing deal better than this anywhere else on the web. Get more app consumer discovery today.

If you'd like your app to be published in other categories beyond the App category on Blackworld Community, let us know. A further charge of €50 per post will apply and 2500 banner display page views
will be added to your free ad display campaign.

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