Highly Recommended: Barcelona International Community Day - Oct 31st 2015.

Welcome to Barcelona, a vibrant and creative business city

A wide range of activities and workshops will be offered throughout the whole day. The activities will be focused on three main topics:

Personal landing in Barcelona

Information and services that are useful when a person arrives and settles down in Barcelona, whether they are alone or with their families

Working and doing business in Barcelona

Information for developing professional careers or investing and doing business.

Having fun and making contacts

Tips for learning about the city’s attractions, discovering the cultural and leisure offer and connecting with the locals

Its Free to Register and Attend - Sign up Here! http://internationalcommunityday.barcelonactiva.cat/en/

The multiculturalism of the Barcelona International Community Day’s attendees

One week for the second edition of the Barcelona International Community Day, we are able to portray a first profile of the attendees. From the numerous data from the inscriptions, we can see a wide majority of foreigners who represent the 81%. Among them, it’s striking their multiculturalism as they come from more than 72 countries: from China and the United States of America to Turkey and Cyprus.

It’s interesting to notice that there is no nation that stands out quantitatively although Italy, with around 7% of the registered visitors, is the most numerous after Spain. Germany and France follow Italy in a quite similar proportion.
Regarding the time spent in Barcelona, it’s surprising that 34% have been living over 10 years in Catalonia while a 29% is in their first year. Nevertheless, these are just some first statistics. There is still time to sign up and enjoy Barcelona International Community Day in the Maritime Museum. Looking forward to having you!

Its Free to Register and Attend - Sign up Here! http://internationalcommunityday.barcelonactiva.cat/en/

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    Blackworld Editor Admin at Blackworld.com If you are going to be in Barcelona on the 31st of October, or if you are already here, attend this vibrant expatriate event. If you are a Startup thinking about moving to Barcelona, or if you are interested in living and working in Barcelona, this is a great event sponsored by the Catalonia Government to help you find out information and network. Barcelona especially for startups is becoming the San Francisco of Europe. Everyone falls in love with Barca, especially Americans. Come and see what you are missing!

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