Elon Musk talks about carbon tax, Mars &energy at AGU (2015.12.15) (youtube.com)
Published on Dec 19, 2015

Musk talks about the global fight to reduce carbon emission, the
importance to set foot on Mars on other topics at the AGU Presidential

00:00. First principles thinking
02:22. Carbon tax
05:37. Future of engineering in education
09:39. Role of private vs. public sectors
13:17. Why going to Mars
21:50. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy influence
23:52. Nuclear Power
27:16. Solar power dramatic growth
28:25. Battery recycling
29:55. Preserving (potential) Mars life
31:22. Tesla’s battery vision
33:42. Steps to reduce carbon consumption
35:02. Helping developing countries access energy innovation
36:57. CO2 conversion efficiency: power plant vs. cars

Date: December 2, 2015
Elon was 44 years old

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