Skateboarding's Brothers From Brazil: Skate Brothers | Part III (
Behind every great moment in skateboarding, there’s a great photographer, someone trusted to find the perfect frame among the chaos of, say, someone hurling themselves repeatedly over the ledge of a 12-stair. Felipe Gustavo, one of Brazil’s finest skateboarding exports, lives in L.A. with his go-to photographer, and brother, Paulo Macedo. The duo left Brazil to tag-team the Southland’s skate scene together, and the edit above shows them in their essence doing just that.

From Downtown LA, Gustavo and bro head out to South Compton’s green ledges and the permanent skate playground at Lockwood Elementary to show what it looks like when they’re doing work. Skateboarding was their ticket to see the world, from Brazil to L.A. and everywhere in between, and they have no plans on slowing.

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