I Am Not Spanish (youtube.com)
Blacks in Latin America are so misunderstood that many times they
themselves are confused with what race to identify as. Most, of course,
know that they are a Latino. But that is their ethnicity. Latinos are so
culturally rich in their specific island that it becomes nationalism.

Many believe being Dominican or Puerto Rican is some sort of
"bloodline." So don't be surprised if you ask what race they are and
they tell you "I'm Dominican." If you asked them if they were Black,
White, or Asian, they would either tell you that they are just "mixed"
or wouldn't know what to tell you because they didn't really think of it

Many Black Latinos will appear obviously Black yet deny their
close African ancestry from just few generations ago. Many Latinos are
also completely oblivious to the fact that slaves were brought from
Africa because indigenous people would rather die than work. Carribean
latinos and even South American Latinos being mixed with Black ancestry
isn't a far fetched idea at all.

The caribbean is part of the West
Indies. Other West Indian islands like Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad
acknowledge their Blackness... Yet nations like Dominican Republic claim
to be derivatives of Spain while living on the same island with one of
the Blackest nations: Haiti. There are two major problems:

1. Not enough Latinos are knowledgeable about their racial ancestry nor racially aware.
Not enough American Blacks realize that most of the Black slaves didn't
wind up in the present day United States; they were taken to what is
called "Latin America."

Newsflash: My African ancestors making a pitstop in the Carribean does not make me any less Black that you.
not let White supremacy and it's labels divide and conquer us.

We need
to acknowledge differences and then look at the bigger picture to combat
both the downfall Black Americans and Black Latinos-- White Supremacy.

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