Can Boko Haram be defeated? (
A summit is underwy in the Nigerian capital Abuja to discuss ways to put
an end to 7 years of Boko Haram violence.The armed group has killed
thousands of people and displaced millions more. It's also kidnapped
hundreds of students and caused chaos right across Nigeria. Boko Haram
has now pledged allegiance to ISIL and is reportedly sending fighters to

The UN Security Council has expressed its concern calling this
development 'alarming'. The UN's also backing Nigerian president
Muhhammadu Buhari - as he hosts a security summit on the fight against
the armed group. Several West African leaders, along with the French
president Francois Hollande are in Abuja.

But what does it take to
defeat Boko Haram? And are western countries doing enough to help?
Presenter: Fauzia IbrahimGuests:Clement Nwankwo - Director at the Policy
and Legal Advocacy Centre in Nigeria.Adesoji Adeniyi - Security Analyst
on African Affairs.Martin Ewi - Senior Researcher at the Institute for
Security Studies.

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