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Voters have voted in favor of "Brexit" — British exit from the European Union. That means that the EU is on the verge of losing one of its largest and wealthiest members.The consequences will be huge for the British people. Britain's economy and legal system have become deeply integrated with the European continent. Unraveling those relationships is likely to be economically and socially disruptive.

On the other side, Brexit advocates have argued that Britain will be better off in the long run outside the EU, with full sovereignty and unfettered control over immigration and economic regulations. "The risks of Britain staying in the EU far outweigh the risks of us leaving," argued British journalist Douglas Murray in an interview last week. "The eurozone has been a disaster, and it's very important for Britain to get control of our own borders."

The 7 most important arguments for Britain to leave the EU

On its own, British exit from the EU would be disruptive but not calamitous for other EU countries. The larger threat for other EU members is that Britain could become the first step toward unraveling the EU more generally. The 2008 financial crisis and the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis have put the EU’s rickety political institutions under strain. A British exit could further shake peoples’ confidence that the EU project can endure over the long run, causing other countries to eye the exits.

The campaign has pitted Britain’s conservative prime minister, David Cameron, against members of his own party who are more skeptical of Britain’s EU membership. The result will have profound consequence for the Conservative party, Great Britain, and the European Union...

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