Alicia Keys: The 100 Women Interview - BBC News (
Alicia Keys started writing music at 15 years of age and her first
album, recorded when she was only 19, won a record five Grammy awards.
Since then, she has become one of the biggest selling R&B performers
of her generation, regularly sited as one of the best soul voices of
all time. She talks about growing up in New York's Hell Kitchen and how
those streets defined her music and her identity.

She talks about her
determination not to be pigeon-holed as a performer or as a woman and
how choosing to wear no make-up - even on stage and on camera - has left
her more free to be herself. In an intimate conversation about
marriage, motherhood and growing up in the public eye, Alicia Keys
shares her inspirations and her motivation and her perspectives.
Presented by Babita Sharma.

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