A Story About the Garifuna Documentary (youtube.com)
A rich Central American culture is fast disappearing in the wake of
immigration and integration. This film chronicles the challenges and
struggles of the Garifuna people to preserve their identity. The story
serves as a microcosmic example of the loss of time-honored customs in a
world that is increasingly becoming one homogenous international

Full transcripts of interviews from the film: http://benpetersen.net/garifuna-resea...

A Ben Petersen Film
A Brigham Young University Communications Department Production
Produced, directed, and edited by Ben Petersen
Additional footage provided by: Jared Johnson, Dale Green and Jorge Zuniga.
Provided by the BYU Office of Research and Creative Activities, BYU
Communications Department and the B&A Trust Fund.
Music by Michael Bahnmiller. "Ba-ba" by Aziatic.

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