Brexit: When and how will it begin? And what will happen to EU citizens? (
March is supposed to be the month that British Prime Minister Theresa
May triggers Article 50, beginning the official withdrawal process of
the UK from the EU. Brussels says the UK will have to reach a financial
settlement first before any substantive negotiations on a future
relationship or trade deals can begin. Officials expect that sum to be
around 60 billion euros - payment, they say, for commitments the UK has
already made.

Theresa May has insisted multiple times that the UK
will be looking for a "hard" Brexit and opting out of the single market.
But is that what the British people voted for?

And where does that leave EU citizens in the UK and vice versa?
Once the UK triggers Article 50, two years of talks with the EU will begin - but at the end of that, what will happen?
We ask our panel of MEPs.

A programme presented by Eve Irvine
Produced by Isabelle Romero and Anais Guérard

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